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orris london reimagines the traditional glasses chain for modern life. Founded in 2018, we are a London-based brand offering luxurious, handmade chains and necklaces, upon which to hang your favourite spectacles or sunglasses.

Founder Tara Shen created orris london after enjoying a career in fashion in Shanghai. A London College of Fashion graduate, Tara’s frequent travels in Europe and Asia inspired her to create beautiful, everyday accessories for modern living, work and travel, and so orris london was born.


Choose from more than 30 shades, from neutral hues of classic tortoiseshell and Mother of Pearl to limited-run, candy colours released every season; think lavender, opal and cornflower blue. Each piece is handcrafted from acetate – a beautiful, plant-based plastic material, traditionally used for luxury glasses frames. They are lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic and have a silk-like touch.

Our bio-acetate eco collection is even cooler. Made from wood pulp, cotton fibre and plant-based plasticizer, this innovative bio-based material is petroleum-free and 100% biodegradable (after 115 days).


Sustainability is at the core of orris London. Designed in our London studio, each chain link is individually laser cut, shaped and hand-polished, with pieces taking up to seven days to finish. Long-lasting design and ‘buy better, buy less’ are mantras we live and work by, which is why we have made each glasses chain to last long. They can be wiped cleaned with a soft cloth for enduring lustre.

We’re also mindful of Zero Waste Production, making efforts to reduce waste at every stage of the design and making process, simultaneously supporting artisanship.

Where we can, we use recycled paper instead of virgin paper for our stationary and wrapping tissues, as well as unbleached cotton for our gift pouches. We are always looking for ways to improve our eco footprint and will continue to research new materials and technology for a more sustainable future.